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Drawing from over 15 years as a Division 1 men's coach and senior level college athletics administrator, Dr. Raidbard help coaches and Administrators through education, training, and consulting to learn about leadership practice and teach them how to make intentional leadership choices that will enable them to become the most effective and successful leaders.

 Dr. Raidbard realized that coaches and administrators at all levels of sports were being asked to take on increased leadership responsibilities for their athletes and team without sufficient opportunities to receive leadership education and training. 

Each Coach or Administrator will receive Dr. Raidbard's book "Lead Like A Pro"  as a feature of the certification.   “Lead Like A Pro,” provides coaches and administrators with foundational leadership knowledge and the tools to practice the best leadership style and behaviors that align with their personal values and beliefs.

Also included in this training is a three part virtual training, which you will gain access to after your registration.

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