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Xan Pearson

Xan Pearson is the CEO and President of the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum (CTLF), an innovative
nonprofit membership organization uniting passionate CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and thought
leaders. CTLF is committed to redefining leadership and business growth through the cultivation of
HEART-Level Leaders—those who prioritize authentic, relationship-driven connections, foster thriving
workplace cultures, and actively serve their communities. The core values of HEART-Level Leadership—
Humble, Engaged, Authentic, Regenerative, and True to Service—form the foundation of CTLF’s
leadership programs, guiding leaders to explore their roles from a values-driven perspective.
Before joining CTLF, Xan served various roles for the Chicago Bulls & White Sox Youth Academy, a
subsidiary of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox, for over 11 years. Rising from Vice President of Marketing
and Director of Corporate Partnerships to President, she oversaw programs engaging over 250,000
youth annually. The Academy's mission was to enhance youth sports participation while nurturing
essential leadership qualities such as persistence, resilience, accountability, teamwork, sportsmanship,
and confidence.
With over 25 years of experience, Xan’s diverse background spans leadership, consulting, marketing,
business development, and corporate finance across Denver, Chicago, and New York. As a growth
leader, she has played pivotal roles in product and program development, sales, strategic partnerships,
marketing, operational efficiencies, and financial sustainability.
Xan firmly believes that personal and professional growth are the cornerstones of leading successful
companies and fulfilling lives. She is a certified facilitator, holds a degree in psychology from DePauw
University, and attended the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Named one of Chicago
Women of the Year in 2015 by Women in Sports and Events for her mentoring work, Xan is passionate
about maximizing the potential of others. She is dedicated to scaling and catalyzing new ideas to achieve
a greater societal impact and provide equitable opportunities for all, especially youth.

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