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Dr. Bob Froelich

Dr. Bob has the rare distinction of a distinguished professional career combining experience in both the public and private sectors. This background allows him to develop his unique perspective by always seeing issues from both sides, with a keen understanding of exactly who are the stakeholders. Dr. Bob first began his work experience in the Steel Mills of Pittsburgh, where he worked for four summers at U.S. Steel as a general laborer while attending college. This job along with his student loans (which he paid back in full) enabled Dr. Bob to pay for his entire college education. From 1971 to 1973, Dr. Bob was an Independent Minor League Baseball Player for the North Side Mets, (formerly the Federal Street Merchants) in the storied Greater Pittsburgh Semi-Pro Federation Minor League Baseball League that was founded in 1929 and is still in operation today. The League has produced such professional baseball players as Art Howe, and Glenn Beckert. 

After his retirement from “Wall Street”, Dr. Bob became the Chairman of the Board, CEO, President & Owner of the Kane County Cougars Baseball Club, (Geneva, Illinois) a Professional Minor League Baseball (MiLB) team that is a member of the Major League Baseball (MLB) Partner League, The American Association of Professional Baseball. The Kane County Cougars franchise history extends all the way back to 1888. The team made its debut in 1888 as the Decatur Commodores, based out of Decatur, Illinois. The team transitioned to Wausau, Wisconsin in 1975 and would remain there for the next 16 years changing their name to the Wausau Timbers. In 1991, the franchise relocated to Geneva, Illinois and became the Kane County Cougars. 

In October, 2014, he was appointed to the Board of Directors and serves as Executive Director for the Kane County Cougars Baseball Foundation, Inc., (Geneva, Illinois) a not-for -profit Illinois corporation that provides a variety of charitable and educational services through donations exceeding a million dollars annually to other

not-for-profit organizations as well as sponsoring a reading program in conjunction with local elementary schools where 456 grade schools actively participate in the program which is comprised of over 140,000 students. When Dr. Bob purchased the team in 2014 the Kane County Cougars Baseball Foundation gave back $63,331.00 to the community. Five years later in 2019 the KCC Charitable Foundation giving had exploded to

$1,054,980.00, and has stayed above $1,000,000.00 each year since. 


On February 3, 2021, Dr. Bob was elected a Director of The American Association of Professional

Baseball, Inc.(Moorhead, Minnesota), a not-for-profit Minnesota corporation whose purpose is to establish and regulate the baseball play of the 12 member baseball clubs spanning from Canada to Texas.  Previously, from 2014, to 2021, Dr. Bob served on the Board of Directors of The Midwest League of Professional Baseball Clubs, Inc., (St. Petersburg, Florida) a not-for-profit Florida corporation whose purpose was to establish and regulate the baseball play of the 16 member baseball clubs located in the Midwest region of the United States.

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