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The NAFBF is committed to developing the complete athlete. To reach your true potential you need to be at your optimal physical and mental condition and to do this you need to start an organized plan that will help you develop your leadership skills, character, strength, mobility, nutrition, and mental toughness.

First, we need to acknowledge that player development, in-season is exceedingly difficult. While improvements can be made, development is not a primary focus when trying to compete and win baseball games.

Second, it comes down to the offseason—when high school players may be playing other sports or working around rules of contact hours.

For players to experience peak player development, there needs to be communication, leadership, character, athletic assessment, and baseball evaluation. All of this coupled with defined methods to improve. You can buy all the technology you want, you can throw weighted balls, you can have the best, most educated coaching staff in the country, but if you are not fully integrated with every facet of becoming a complete player, you don’t utilize huge opportunities to develop as an athlete.



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