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Mark Eagle

Mark is a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, startup advisor, fractional CTO,  and career coach.  He is a life-long-learning catalyst who has blended his passion for education and enriching people‚Äôs lives throughout his professional and personal journey. He is currently CTO of Helping Habit PBC a platform for non-profits to increase donors and volunteerism.

Mark was COO of College Partnership a public college planning company which assisted 10,000 families a year learn how to plan for college, defining a roadmap to find the best educational and financial fit possible. There he worked with the Say Hey Foundation to help underprivileged youth.

Mark joined VarVee Inc. as CTO, where with a goal to celebrate the achievements of High School Athletes he rolled out a product used by every athlete in Colorado with adoption in 4 other states.

Prior to that he was Executive VP of Products and Services at Encoda, the largest provider of broadcast software in the world growing it to 1000+ professional staff. Mark was involved in sales, corporate strategy, senior client relationship management, and software development leadership, and helped pioneer e-commerce solutions for the industry.

He is currently a certified pickleball coach and facilitates small team building events. 

Mark graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with specialization in Computer Science, Management, and Industrial Psychology and he has combined these disciplines in his life's endeavors.

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